Servicing & Repair Department

As with any electrical equipment that is consistent use, proper care and attention for your Air Conditioners is no different and needs to form part of your regular maintenance schedule to ensure that they continue to function and operate at maximum efficiency. Air Conditioning Servicing Cape Town is performed by our in house engineers and for a fraction of the cost of a new unit, we will ensure that you AC unit works at is maximum and optimum level, keeping you cool and keeping your electricity bills low.

air conditioner servicing cape town

We can also assist you if you are having any malfunctions with your air con. If your unit doesn’t power up, keeps turning off, is leaking or is making a loud noise, its possible that you will require air conditioning repair Cape Town. We carry a large stock of spare parts, accessories and circuit boards as well as new replacements fans, filters, pipes, vents and condensing units. Don’t worry if your Air Conditioning is Broken, we can fix 99% of breakdowns while you wait and offer a same day call out service.

In the event that your Air Conditioning cant be fixed, we can assist in replacing your unit. We offer energy efficient air con units as well as a range of different types of system for your home or office. Our engineers are fully trained and qualified to deal with both new and old malfunctioning Air Conditioners. Call us today for all your replacement, servicing and Air Conditioning Repair in Cape Town on 021 300 1816.

Air Conditioner Repair Cape Town